Maria Dautant – Future of Architecture Summit | 14 Jun 2023 | Habtoor Grand Resort JBR, Dubai, UAE


Are Architects becoming replaceable?
The growth of Smart, AI-led software is
putting design in everyone’s hands.

14 June 2023
Senior Associate | HLB Lighting Design

Maria Dautant

Maria is a Senior Associate at HLB Lighting Design. With more than 15 years of architectural lighting design experience, Maria has established a Middle East presence for HLB in Dubai. Her experience includes working for renowned lighting design firms in Sydney, New York, and Dubai, on a variety of project types. As a WELL AP certified designer, Maria has a strong understanding of sustainable and wellness design while integrating the aesthetics and needs of her clients.

Maria’s passion for lighting is also reflected in her work as an artist, with light art pieces featured in Sydney and New York, and as an educator, leading lighting workshops around the world.

Maria is a recipient of an IALD Award of Merit and an IES Award of Merit for the design of the MSK David H. Koch Center, in Manhattan.

Maria is a volunteer and ambassador for the non-for-profit organization Light for Lebanon. She is a Professional Member of the Illumination Engineering Society of North America and an Associate Member and Middle East coordinator of the International Association of Lighting Designers.