Preeti Mogali – Future of Architecture Summit | 14 Jun 2023 | Habtoor Grand Resort JBR, Dubai, UAE


Are Architects becoming replaceable?
The growth of Smart, AI-led software is
putting design in everyone’s hands.

14 June 2023
Senior Associate | Perkins Eastman

Preeti Mogali

Preeti Mogali is a Senior Associate with Perkins Eastman, who specializes in human centric environments that push the boundaries of design and innovation. Through more than a decade of work experience in Retail and Entertainment, Hospitality, Planning, Residential and Commercial projects around the globe, she has comprehensive knowledge of the typologies and the complexities of integrated mixed-use design.  Her passion and research focuses on embedding passive and technological strategies into the design process through to construction and exploring innovative technologies to enhance and improve the creative design process.